::Fire of Saturn (daffodildream) wrote,
::Fire of Saturn

anime moment... again.

as she danced in the shade of the small short lemon tree, she smelled spring. she smelled the lemons. she smelled the grass she was mutilating under her sandals. there was a light breeze, and she knew love was in the air. "you know" her mothers wisper ran through her hair, " you know that everything is alright when spring comes again. you know that love will find every heart... and everyone will be happy once again." she smiled. mother was a smart, kind, and warm woman. its a pity she had to go crazy. "I cant wait to go visit mother this spring" she said as she danced among the flowery weeds. "ill bring her some of the flowers we planted together." she plopped down by the tree and picked up her juice box. sip after sugary sip, she began to get tired. she fell asleep under the shade of her mothers tree. dreaming of seeing her again.
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