::Fire of Saturn (daffodildream) wrote,
::Fire of Saturn

Fruits Basket moment... 'scuse me.

theres a pounding, and you know its not your heart. its an unnatural rythym, an unnatural feeling. sometimes you're crying, and you dont know when its going to happen. It's like a natural disaster, you can see the clouds come, you can stand there and watch the dark blanket steal your sun, but you couldn't have guessed that it was going to happen yesterday when you played in the park and got sunburnt laying out on the beach. you feel this shake in your veins. a spark in your muscles. your knees go out, and you're sitting on the hard cold floor, asking "why" like one of those dramatic teenage movies. only now you cant breathe, and you never knew it could be this bad. good thing its not like the movies, right? no, cause there are people, staring down at you, people you dont know, dont want to know, wondering what your problem is. you cant stand up, you cant pull yourself from the ground, you wipe your tears away shamelessly and scowl at everyone who barges into your life without knocking first.
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